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Platte River Academy, a public charter school, was established in 1997 to serve the families of Highlands Ranch and surrounding communities. Platte River Academy is a 501c(3) organization that relies on the continued financial support of its families and friends. Your gift to Platte River Academy helps us challenge, support, and expand each student’s development into wise, knowledgeable and caring citizens. Your gift enriches every element of the PRA experience. Most importantly, it allows us to support the efforts of our staff to Know and Grow Every Learner.

Why Give to Platte River Academy?

First, let’s talk revenue. We receive approximately $7,388 per student from the district/state coffers. This is called Per Pupil Revenue or PPR. The PPR (83%) and Mill Levy income (6%) for Platte River Academy represents 89% of our total revenue. The balance of our revenue comes from the following: State Capital Construction Funds, 3%, Student Fees, 4%, Kindergarten Tuition, 2%, Miscellaneous Income, 1%, and Gifts and Contributions, 1%.
Expense-wise, 73% goes to salaries and benefits, 5% to purchased services and 10% to curriculum and supplies. So, where does the last 12% go?
Unlike neighborhood schools, charter schools have to pay for their buildings out of their PPR funds. Our cost to service our mortgage and maintenance of our facility represents a significant percentage of our budget at 12%. This is a distinct funding gap for our school.
Therefore, when we organize a Capital Giving Campaign, it is all a part of helping offset an obvious disadvantage or gap as we service the building our children are schooled in each and every day. 
We hope this helps you appreciate the challenges we face in this arena. Keeping an excellent staff and paying them well is of prime importance but the challenges faced in the distribution and use of funds is always an extra challenge for a charter school.
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Annual Give

Platte River Academy Annual Give

The cornerstone of PRA’s annual fundraising effort is the Annual Give Campaign. Each year the fund is allocated to the greatest areas of need at Platte River Academy. PRA strives for 100% participation from its faculty, staff, Governing Board and parents.

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