Platter River Academy Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge

Platte River Academy provides a content rich, academically rigorous education with a well-defined and sequential curriculum. This element of our mission is primarily accomplished by adhering to the Core Knowledge Sequence in Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

Platte River Academy is a Core Knowledge School. The Core Knowledge curriculum was selected by the founding parents of Platte River Academy because international research shows that the highest achieving students receive a rigorous, content-based education.

Students learn new knowledge by building upon what they already know. The Core Knowledge Sequence clearly defines the knowledge and skills students will master at each grade level and raises the bar for student accomplishment. Core Knowledge gives students the foundation they need for success in school and beyond.

There are several good resources to help you discover more about the Core Knowledge curriculum and philosophy. E.D. Hirsch’s series of books (Cultural Literacy, What your __-grader needs to know, etc.) can be found at most bookstores and libraries. These books offer a comprehensive look into the content taught each school year in any Core Knowledge school.

The specific subjects of study within Core Knowledge include: 
  • Reading/Language Arts
  • History and Geography
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Supporting Curriculum

The Core Knowledge Sequence is not meant to outline Platte River Academy’s entire curriculum; approximately 50% of our instruction is based on subject-specific published resources.  

Curriculum supports used in addition to Core Knowledge:
  • Reading: Open Court Reading is a complete elementary based reading program used in grades K-3 at PRA. It maintains strong instruction in the areas of decoding (learning how to read), comprehension (understanding what you read), inquiry and investigation (learning how to apply what you have read), and writing (how to communicate with others in print). 

  • Mathematics: PRA uses Saxon Math at grade levels Kdg-7th. Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra and Algebra texts are used at 8th grade. Saxon textbooks divide concepts into small, easily grasped pieces called increments. A new increment is presented each day and students work only a few problems involving new material. The remaining homework consists of practice problems involving concepts previously introduced. Thus, every assignment is a cumulative review of all material covered up to that point.  

  • Writing: Step Up To Writing provides research-based, multisensory strategies proven to help students master informational/explanatory, narrative, and opinion/argument writing.

  • Social Studies: The Core Knowledge foundation now produces a unit-based textbook series that aligns to the topics listed in the sequence for each grade level (K-6). Primary sources and research are emphasized at the middle school level.

  • Science: Teachers use a variety of instructional resources and hands on experiences to introduce students to the CK science topics. Topics from all fields of science (physical, life, and earth) are studied at all grade levels.
Platter River Academy  Supporting Curriclum
Platter River Academy Additional Curriculum Information

Additional Information

We invite you to learn more about The Core Knowledge K-8 curriculum by clicking the Core Knowledge image/logo below.

Core Knowledge Website
Additionally, it is worth mentioning that as a public school in the state of Colorado, we are obligated to follow the content standards as approved by our state board of education. Colorado’s Academic Standards (CAS) outline what students are expected to know and be able to do at each grade level. Our state assessments are based on these criteria. To learn more about Colorado’s Academic Standards, click the image/logo below.
Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) Website
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