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By Heidi Kruglet 14 Dec, 2017

                                                               Traffic, Carpool, Safety and Being a Good Neighbor


Looks like we need some reminders about how we manage ourselves during carline drop-off and pick-up.

Here are the issues:

1.      Doing a U-turn on Colorado is illegal, except in a left hand turn lane. Yet, be very careful.  We have had a couple near misses.

2.      When you drive into any of the surrounding neighborhoods, drive slowly and if you make a U-turn, be very sensitive about rolling over our neighbor’s curbs, sprinkler heads etc. ALSO, watch out for kids!! 

3.      When coming through carline, PLEASE put your phone down!!!!

4.      The bike lane on Colorado really is a bike lane. You can be sited for being in the lane, so stay in the car lane if you are having to wait to get into the school lot.


Thanks for helping us out!

By Heidi Kruglet 14 Dec, 2017
Platte River Academy's  8th Grade Graduation will be held at Valor High School, in their Performance Hall and Upper Lobby (same as last year).

When: Wednesday, May 23rd from 4:30pm-9:30pm. This time frame includes both set up and tear down.

Graduation Ceremony will take place from 7pm-9pm

We are happy to have this secured for our 8th Grade class!

By Heidi Kruglet 14 Dec, 2017
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