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By Heidi Kruglet 07 Dec, 2017
Our Student Council selects a special project they are passionate about to support during the holiday season.  This year, the hurricanes were a big concern for many of the students. Miss Hall was personally aware of an Elementary School in Puerto Rico, Escuela Luis M Santiago, which was nearly wiped out by the recent hurricanes and is now in great need of:

**new or gently used SCHOOL SUPPLIES from grades K-5  

**dollars to buy several water purifying filters (grades 6-8) Can you believe they still have unclean water?

If you would add this to your shopping lists, we would really appreciate your support in this effort.   PRA has always been so generous in the past!!  We hope to wrap the boxes up by December 15th .  

Thank you!!
By Heidi Kruglet 07 Dec, 2017
By Heidi Kruglet 07 Dec, 2017
Come see 5th grader Kelly Tanberg this holiday at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center production of Annie playing from December 7th- January 7th.

Event and Ticket Information here:    Annie

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Fostering a Sense of Belonging

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