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Welcome to Platte River Academy! 

We are a public school of choice in the Douglas County School District. You will see, as you read the many links and pages on this website, that this school was not started with a “business as usual” idea or model. Our school was started to rewrite the rulebook and to extend the boundaries of the “possible.” We have had a magnificent strategy and it has worked brilliantly for over 18 years. We are very committed to continuing the school’s success and progress.

PRA is a charter school that has earned many prestigious awards, including the John Irwin School of Excellence Award (every year since 2001) and the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award. These are some incredible honors and they showcase all of the care, love, and hard work that has gone into this school.

Our mission is a hallowed mission. When families enter this school program, they take on the special task and responsibility of aligning with a staff that is committed to fulfilling our stated mission and to reach our goal to touch each student’s heart and life. It is exciting to share the like-mindedness and embrace our responsibility to be keepers of the American dream and the American future. By positively influencing these young lives, by transmitting learning and values, we are the vital link between all that is most precious in our national heritage and our children.

Thank you for joining or considering Platte River Academy. We hope the website resources and links will answer many of your questions. Feel free to contact us directly if question arise.


Michael E. Munier, III


Academic Performance & Awards

Governors Distinguished Improvement Award 

Award Information
John Irwin School of Excellence 2001-2015

Award Information
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