Core Values

Four Core Values

All expectations for behavior at school revolve around PRA’s four Core Values:
Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion
Platte River Academy Core Values Respect


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

  • treating others politely and kindly
  • taking others’ feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes, and preferences into consideration
  • acknowledging and listening to others


Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today

  • taking care of your duties
  • sticking with the job until the work is done right
  • looking for ways to be helpful
Platter River Academy Core Values - Responsibility
Platter River Academy Core Values - Integrity


Actions speak louder than words

  • doing what is right, even when nobody is watching
  • being truthful and honest
  • holding yourself to high standards


A friend in need is a friend indeed

  • feeling what others are feeling and trying to help with their troubles
  • caring for the happiness of others
  • imagining what it’s like to stand in another person’s shoes, so you can show concern and empathy
Platter River Academy Core Values - Compassion
At PRA, we believe that every student deserves to learn in an environment where these values are consistently practiced.
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