Dress Code

Platte River Academy Dress Code

Platter River Academy Dress Code
The dress code (click link to see complete and current dress code and enforcement procedure) is mandatory for all students enrolled at PRA. The purpose of this dress code is to maximize learning by reducing distractions for teachers and students. The principal or assistant principal may approve any special need as an exception to the dress standard. 

Cold Weather Dress

During periods of inclement weather, please be sure your child comes to school with appropriate clothing, including boots, hat, gloves and a coat. Children will have outdoor recess except in cases of severe weather (below 20 degrees and/or heavy precipitation).

Dress of Choice Days

2017 Dates: September 1; October 5; November 21; December 21
2018 Dates: January 11; February 15; March 2 & 16; April 19; May 25
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